Fansub Guides

I. Basics of Timing in Aegisub by unanimated

II. Timing without TPP + general guidelines for timing

III. Additional Notes for Timing - Shifting, Line Splitting/Joining, Timing Signs, Overlapping Lines,
Pasting Over, Encoding Work Raw...

How to make xvid keyframes


ASS Tags - explains all Aegisub tags

Typesetting guide by unanimated

Guide to using mkv tools by unanimated

Guide to making chapters by RHExcelion (Just use this script instead.)

Guide to using xdelta files by unanimated


Download latest Aegisub here

General Tips for Using Aegisub

Scripts for Aegisub

IRC guides:

IRC Guide #1 by Orcus [for mIRC]

IRC Guide #2 by unanimated [for KVIrc]