Script Updates
(read info inside scripts for more details and how to use)
Note: 0.01 updates are mostly bugfixes or minor changes. 0.1 updates are usually new features or bigger changes.

2015-03-25   v3.1	Script Cleanup - switched some things and added info about number of changed lines

2015-03-07   v2.25	Line Breaker - fixed a case where "%" would get nuked from a line

2015-02-15   v3.1	MultiCopy - 'Attach' function can attach data from one field to data from another.

2015-02-05   v1.3	Jump to Next - added 'Jump to Previous'
2015-02-05   v3.03	MultiCopy - fixed "export CR for pad" to nuke tags from signs correctly

2015-02-01   v2.24	Line Breaker - fixed somethnig that I broke before

2015-01-22   v2.71	Unimportant - fixed a bug in import OP/ED

2015-01-18   v2.23	Line Breaker - this time maybe fixed it for real
2015-01-18   v2.22	Line Breaker - fixed a bug where an extra space could be introduced by mistake
2015-01-18   v2.7	Unimportant - option to export chapters in the other format, compatible with mp4

2015-01-10   v2.61	Unimportant - bugfix for 'export sign' with signs.ass not existing
2015-01-10   v2.6	Unimportant - import chapters from xml

2015-01-03   v2.7	ShiftCut - option to not make lines shorter by snapping if given CPS limit is exceeded

2014-12-28   v1.2	Snap - also snaps to adjacent lines

2014-12-12   v3.0	Script Cleanup - added "inverse" option for "kill tags" - kills everything except selected

2014-12-08   v1.6	Multi-line Editor - added capitalization; Add tags has \an8, \i1, \b1, \q2
2014-12-08   v1.0	Join / Split - merged the 2 scripts together; some minor updates and fixes
2014-12-08   v4.3	Colorize - gradient after each linebreak; preserve comments for 'colorize by letter'
2014-12-08   v3.02	MultiCopy - fixed pasting beyond last line of the script; updated clipboard

2014-12-05   v4.0	HYDRA - save proper config; apply tags to sections of text; 'all tag blocks' + 'relative transforms' works
2014-12-05   v2.7	Time signs from timecodes - save config; options to auto remove {TS} comments + auto add blur
2014-12-05   v1.7	Cycles - all 4 cycle scripts in one (4 macros). just delete the old 4 and reassign hotkeys.

2014-12-01   v1.7	Blur Cycle - fixed cases when the current value wasn't in the sequence
2014-12-01   v1.7	Border Cycle - fixed cases when the current value wasn't in the sequence
2014-12-01   v1.7	Shadow Cycle - fixed cases when the current value wasn't in the sequence
2014-12-01   v1.7	Alpha Cycle - fixed cases when the current value wasn't in the sequence; made version consistent with the other 3

2014-11-24   v1.5	Multi-line Editor - added a mode that lets you edit style/actor/effect the same way as text

2014-11-17   v2.61	ShiftCut - fixed info for kf snapping
2014-11-17   v2.41	Blur and Glow - fix somethnig with x/yshad (i don't remember)
2014-11-17   v1.21	Jump to Next - fixed a bug when last line is reached
2014-11-17   v1.01	Encode - Hardsub - delete ffindex

2014-11-14   v2.8	Copyfax This - copy stuff - copy tags after linebreaks
2014-11-14   v3.92	HYDRA - don't allow 2 clips of the same type; fixed 'sort tags' for inline tags or something (idr)

2014-11-07   v2.2	Recalculator - Mirror function for reversing the direction of mocha/fbf data
2014-11-07   v2.91	Script Cleanup - fixed a bug in deleting styles
2014-11-07   v3.01	MultiCopy - fixed Export CR to pad

2014-11-05   v3.8	Apply fade - got rid of some redundant tags; cleaned up the code a bit

2014-10-30   v2.5	Unimportant - motion blur
2014-10-30   v3.0	MultiCopy - rewritten half of the script, fixed some bugs, added new functions
2014-10-30   v1.2	Jump to Next - searches only after the last selected line with inconsecutive selections

2014-10-26   v2.9	Script Cleanup - added remove \q as requested (I really hoped no one would ever need this)

2014-10-22   v1.1	Multiplexer - added more options; fixed some bugs

2014-10-20   v3.21	Hyperdimensional Relocator - fixed some GUI-related bugs

2014-10-17   v2.8	Script Cleanup - clean up transforms; remove \h; apply nuking to start/inline tags; a few other things...
2014-10-17   v3.2	Hyperdimensional Relocator - new functions: "move to" and "randomove"
2014-10-17   v1.4	Multi-line Editor - improved replacer (whole word, regexp) & GUI size estimation

2014-10-15   v1.1	Jump to Next - works for actor/effect too

2014-10-08   v3.12	Hyperdimensional Relocator - bugfixes and minor improvements (vect2rect, randomize, fulltranstimes, negativerot)

2014-10-07   v1.0	Runemap - Something fun to play with

2014-09-29   v4.2	Colorize - Fixed a bug in RGB/HSL + a bug in Invert Colours; changed Brightness to Lightness
2014-09-29   v2.4	Unimportant - What is the Matrix?

2014-09-28   v1.0	Multiplexer - muxes loaded script + video, chapters, alternative script, creates CRC + xdelta
2014-09-28   v1.0	Encode - Hardsub - merged both beta scripts together, so a bunch of encoding + hardsubbing options in one

2014-09-26   v2.4	Blur and Glow - option to have shadow on top/middle layer

2014-09-24   v2.3	Blur and Glow - changed \shad0 to \4a&HFF&

2014-09-20   v1.0 beta	Encode - encodes for mocha. if torque's script fails to encode, this might help.
2014-09-20   v1.0 beta	Hardsub - script for hardsubbing. some testing would be welcome.

2014-09-03   v2.8	Selectricks - preset: select a specified range of lines, like "1530-2460"

2014-08-25   v2.31	Masquerade - add \shad0 to masks
2014-08-25   v2.2	Line Breaker - separate config file

2014-08-16   v4.1	Colorize - support for linebreaks in gradients; hopefully fixed Shift Colours
2014-08-16   v2.61	Time signs from timecodes - fixed a bug that was fucking everything up

2014-08-13   v4.0	Colorize - Tune colours
2014-08-13   v3.9	HYDRA - add transforms to all tag blocks; fixed some bugs

2014-08-10   v3.11	Hyperdimensional Relocator - fix a bug with transforms
2014-08-10   v2.71	Copyfax This - copy stuff - fix a bug with transforms

2014-08-09   v2.71	Selectricks - enable editor for (most) presets; update editor
2014-08-09   v2.6	Time signs from timecodes - support for timecodes over an hour
2014-08-09   v3.1	Hyperdimensional Relocator - scale clips [\clip(X,m ...]; rounding precision
2014-08-09   v3.92	Colorize - some minor fixes + code cleanup

2014-08-08   v2.3	Masquerade - remask - change an existing mask for another shape without changing tags
2014-08-08   v1.1	Re-Split - support for lines with tags
2014-08-08   v2.3	Unimportant - time by frames; option to shift even rows in Clone Clip
2014-08-08   v2.7	Copyfax This - unicode support (fax gradient); a bunch of fixes and minor improvements in copy functions
2014-08-08   v3.0	Hyperdimensional Relocator - space out letters; clip to frz bugfix, remove expand, clean up code + some other fixes

2014-08-03   v2.2	Unimportant - proper config saving
2014-08-03   v2.2	Blur and Glow - save config; cleaned up some code
2014-08-03   v3.81	HYDRA - fixed a bug with the GUI in mode 1 and 2
2014-08-03   v2.21	Masquerade - shift tags: fixed a bug with \t\clip
2014-08-03   v2.31	MultiCopy - progress messages; cleaned up some code
2014-08-03   v1.33	Multi-line Editor - progress messages; option to expand the GUI when needed; some minor fixes
2014-08-03   v2.1	Unimportant - reverse transforms; randomized transforms
2014-08-03   v3.9	Colorize - randomize RGB/HSB

2014-07-31   v2.6	ShiftCut - rebuilt GUI; save config + custom presets
2014-07-31   v2.2	Masquerade - option to save custom masks and add them to the menu

2014-07-30   v3.8	HYDRA - relative transforms (you have \frz30, set tf 60, get \t(\frz90) - keeps layers with different values in sync.)

2014-07-29   v2.3	MultiCopy - 'gbc text' paste over replicates colour gradients in full; unicode support for 'gbc text' and 'text mod.'

2014-07-28   v2.9	Hyperdimensional Relocator - create a shadow layer instead of \shad; positron code cleanup; save config

2014-07-27   v3.81	Colorize - fixed a bug in Match Colours
2014-07-27   v3.7	Apply fade - support for \4c, \1a, \3a, \4a; unicode support; cleaned up old, retarded code; save config

2014-07-26   v3.8	Colorize - several modes of gradients; option to remember last settings for checkboxes/dropdowns; save config

2014-07-25   v2.0	Unimportant - split into letters; explode; optional config file

2014-07-24   v3.7	Colorize - true HSB adjustment; unicode support for inline things

2014-07-23   v3.7	HYDRA - unicode support for inline tags; optional config file

2014-07-22   v2.81	Hyperdimensional Relocator - make the unicode support actually work
2014-07-22   v2.8	Hyperdimensional Relocator - clip2fax can do fax gradient and supports unicode; clip2frz can average from 2 lines

2014-07-21   v2.75	Hyperdimensional Relocator - fix TP without \pos for margins; fix clip conversion for iclip; remove joinfbflines limit
2014-07-21   v2.2	MultiCopy - added option to paste clips as iclips
2014-07-21   v1.9	Unimportant - added 'clone clip'

2014-07-20   v1.8	Unimportant - dissolve text + logging for replacers
2014-07-20   v2.1	MultiCopy - some more useless things to copy

2014-07-19   v2.11	Recalculator - fixed some bugs with anchoring clips (hopefully)
2014-07-19   v3.6	Apply fade - fade to/from current frame now works with alpha/colours/blur
2014-07-19   v3.52	Apply fade - fix a bug where the alpha part wouldn't work with no tags present
2014-07-19   v2.1	Recalculator - added alternative 2nd value for "Y" things (fscY, Ybord, faY, Y coordinates...)

2014-07-15   v2.71	Script Cleanup - option to apply 'kill tags' only to starting or inline tags (type 'start' or 'inline' in effect)
2014-07-15   v3.61	Colorize - fix a bug in merging with inline tags
2014-07-15   v2.11	Line Breaker - make GUI open when line's effect is "n" + some minor adjustments
2014-07-15   v3.51	Apply fade - fix a bug in merging letter-by-letter fades with other tags
2014-07-15   v2.13	Blur and Glow - remove {*} left after gbc
2014-07-15   v2.51	Time signs from timecodes - a bug fix that I don't really remember

2014-07-14   v2.72	Hyperdimensional Relocator - fixed parentheses in 'transform clip'; GUI remembers main dropdown settings
2014-07-14   v2.7	Selectricks - move selection up or down
2014-07-14   v2.11	Masquerade - alfa timer splits by spaces if no line breaks or @

2014-07-12   v3.61	HYDRA - fix 'tag at asterisk' messing up lines with different text; preset "custom pattern" now handles patterns

2014-07-11   v1.7	Unimportant - reverse text, reverse words, make chapter marks (read Help for more)

2014-07-10   v2.7	Hyperdimensional Relocator - Morph: Adjust Drawing (drawing2clip -> adjust clip -> clip2drawing)
2014-07-10   v2.6	Copyfax This - copy stuff: option to copy tags in line
2014-07-10   v2.62	Hyperdimensional Relocator - Teleporter: fix bug that added \pos for lines with \move; handle \an right w/o \pos
2014-07-10   v3.6	HYDRA - handle 'tag at asterisk' with inline tags; remember input data when reloading GUI
2014-07-10   v2.7	Script Cleanup - added 'remove inline tags'
2014-07-10   v2.1	Masquerade - shift tags: option to remove selected tags

2014-07-08   v2.6	Selectricks - select lines with same text as those in current selection

2014-07-06   v2.6	Hyperdimensional Relocator - added 'clip to frz' (works similarly to 'clip to fax') + some fixes
2014-07-06   v3.6	Colorize - integrated "match colours" GUI into the main GUI

2014-07-04   v1.6	Unimportant - improved importing, numbering, and updating lyrics; added new functions

2014-06-30   v2.64	Script Cleanup - fixed deleting for tags without values, added "Delete unused styles (leave Default)"
2014-06-30   v2.0	Recalculator - ...and so I ended up adding a lot of other things
2014-06-30   v1.82	Recalculator - more fixes because I'm dumb
2014-06-30   v1.81	Recalculator - fixed calculations for Multiply
2014-06-30   v1.8	Recalculator - added option to stack calculations by line

2014-06-26   v1.3	Join - join all selected (keep first) if text (without tags/comments) of all selected lines is the same
2014-06-26   v2.5	Selectricks - added more options

2014-06-24   v2.01	MultiCopy - fixed paste over discrepancies with linebreaks and lines with no visible text

2014-06-21   v1.61	Blur Cycle - bugfix for lines with only transforms
2014-06-21   v1.61	Border Cycle - bugfix for lines with only transforms
2014-06-21   v1.61	Shadow Cycle - bugfix for lines with only transforms
2014-06-21   v1.52	Alpha Cycle - bugfix for lines with only transforms
2014-06-21   v3.58	HYDRA - bugfix (double backslash when line has only transforms)
2014-06-21   v2.53	Hyperdimensional Relocator - bugfix in line2fbf
2014-06-21   v2.51	Copyfax This - option (default) to automatically gradient fax for "fax from clip" + bugfixes
2014-06-21   v2.4	Copyfax This - "fax from clip" can do another fax value at the end of line (for gbc).

2014-06-19   v2.5	Time signs from timecodes - Improved handling of multiple timecodes.

2014-06-16   v2.3	Copyfax This - Copy Stuff: option to hide/unhide checked tags (by making them comments).

2014-06-11   v3.5	Apply fade - added fade in using \ko. supports unicode and inline tags.
2014-06-11   v2.0	Masquerade - replaced the \ko part with alpha shift
2014-06-11   v2.62	Script Cleanup - a little fix to nuke \k tags with decimals (\k3.5) 
2014-06-11   v1.57	Unimportant - a little fix for "transform \k to \t\alpha"

2014-06-07   v2.0	MultiCopy - added support for any tag. (use Help button for details)
2014-06-07   v3.5	Colorize - RGB/brightness values are now -255 to 255 (but it's not "real" brightness)