list of functions of unanimated's Aegisub scripts

aka "Is there a script that does ......?"
(All scripts include detailed descriptions.)
add any tags
add inline tags
apply tags to sections of text
add transforms (new transforms, add to existing transforms)
relative transforms (transform by, rather than transform to)
copy fscx value to fscy and vice versa
move inline colour tags to the start (when you use the eyedropper tool but cursor isn't at the start of the editbox)
convert between clip and iclip
clean up tags / remove garbage / round numbers
sort tags in set order (user defined)
clean up and sort transforms (join ones without timecodes, put all at the end of the tag block)
transform between two sets of tags back and forth (back and forth transform)
select overlaps
convert clip to drawing
convert drawing to clip
create a checkerboard pattern clip
create a 3D effect from a shadow (needs \xshad\yshad, creates layers to make a transition from the base to the shadow)
split line in (2 or) 3 parts based on given timecodes/durations

Hyperdimensional Relocator - Repositioning Field
align signs along the same x or y coordinate
mirrored image / duplicate across the screen
calculate \fax from \org
calculate \fax from \clip, including different values on each end + gradient in between
calculate \frz from \clip, including averaging between two lines
shake / randomize position (+rotation)
create a shadow layer instead of \shad

Hyperdimensional Relocator - Soul Bilocator
create 1 line with \move from 2 static lines with \pos, including creating transforms (transmove)
fix \move coordinates so that sign moves in a straight line (horizontal, vertical)
make lines with \pos move the same as a reference line with \move (multimove)
reverse \move
change starting coordinates of \move by a given amount (shiftstart)
change ending coordinates of \move by a given amount (shiftmove)
set target coordinates for \move (move to)
create a clip transform that follows \move (move clip)
randomize \move, either in the same direction but different distance, or within a given radius of the start/end points

Hyperdimensional Relocator - Morphing Grounds
round values for pos, move, org, clip, masks
split/chop a line into fbf (frame by frame) segments, changing move to pos and transforms to single tags (line2fbf)
join fbf lines by a given number, like join each 3 lines into 1
nuke timecodes in \move (killmovetimes)
set timecodes in \move to first/last frame of the line (fullmovetimes)
set timecodes for a transform to first/last frame of the line (fulltranstimes)
shift a vectorial clip based off \pos tags for fbf lines (move v. clip)
set \org tag with current \pos coordinates (set origin)
calculate origin point (\org) from a clip matching a tetragon on screen (calculate origin)
calculate/create a clip transform (transform clip)
set a \frz tag with predefined values like 30, 45, 60, 90, etc (FReeZe)
change rotation by 180 degrees for \frz (rotate 180)
change rotation by 180 degrees for \frx (flip hor.)
change rotation by 180 degrees for \fry (flip vert.)
change \frz to negative number with the same result, like 350 -> -10, to help with transforms (negative rot)
convert between rectangular and vectorial clips
set position in the middle of a rectangual clip (find centre)
resize masks in x/y direction (extend mask)
resize/reshape masks by multiplying values (expand mask)
flip a mask horizontally (flip mask)
change the shape of a mask by randomizing the points (randomask)
randomize the values of a given tag to create chaotic effects for grad.-by-char. or fbf (randomize...)
make vertical text by adding linebreaks between letters (letterbreak)
add linebreaks between words (wordbreak)

Hyperdimensional Relocator - Cloning Laboratory
copy pos, move, org, clip tags from one line to others
this includes stacking/combining clips in various ways

Hyperdimensional Relocator - Teleportation
shift pos, move, org, clip, mask by a given amount
'mod' can shift by an additional amount for each new line

Colorize (everything selectable for \c, \2c, \3c, \4c)
alternate between 2-5 colours letter by letter / word by word
shift colours by a letter / word
set a given mumber of colours (2-10) evenly across the line (3 = start, middle, before last character)
adjust RGB channels
adjust Hue/Saturation/Brightness
randomize RGB/HSB (each of the 6)
match colours between primary, outline, and shadow
create RGB and HSB colour gradients

Blur and Glow
blur for signs with a border
create another layer with glow
create double border
raise layer for multiple lines

Script Cleanup
delete comments
delete tags
delete commented or empty lines
clear actor / effect field
raise dialogue layer by 5
clean up tags / remove garbage / round numbers
delete specific tags or groups of related tags (colours, alphas, rotations...)
remove linebreaks

multiply values of tags
add to or subtract from values of tags
resize clips / drawings
shift karaoke (by changing value for the first \k tag in line)

select or sort lines by text, actor, effect, visible text, layer duration, word count, character count, cps, blur, margins
reverse order of selection
sort by width of text (in pixels)
move the last line in a selection to the top of selection and vice versa
select lines with the same text as the current one
move selection up or down

Multi-line Editor
edit multiple lines at once (text, style, actor, effect)
replace function for selected lines, including regexp
check duration, character count, and cps of a line
count characters / words in a selection
change capitalization

copy from / paste to selected lines:
	initial tags, text after tags, both, clip, pos, blur, bord, colours, alpha, fscx, fscy, layer, duration, actor, effect, comments
export a crunchyroll script for pad
paste over with check for errors
paste over from irc (automatically removes timecodes and nicknames)
paste over for lines with GBC
	(keeps the tag before last character so you can just rerun GBC after that. replicates colour gradients in full.)
paste the same tags / text to multiple lines
paste over of selected fields (layer, effect, text...)
copy from one column (layer, effect, text...) to another

Time signs from timecodes

ShiftCut (TPP with more options)
add or cut lead in or lead out
shift times
link lines
fix overlaps
snap to keyframes

Apply fade
create alpha transforms from fade
create colour transforms from fade
create blur transforms from fade
create fades letter by letter, including right to left
make text appear letter by letter or word by word using \ko
create a fade across multiple lines
set fades as fractions of duration
set negative fades (counting from the other end of the line)
set fade in/out to current video frame

Change Capitalization
change text to lowercase / uppercase
capitalize lines, sentences, or titles

export complex signs to a saved file (any number of lines, basically works like a template)
import signs from a saved file
import chapters from xml
a complex function to update lyrics
make chapters (includes subchapters)
set chapter markers (like make selected line a 'Part A' chapter)
number lines in actor/effect field (also layers) by various patterns
add markers to numbers in actor/effect (like ab01cd)
lua replacer - replace function with regexp
perl replacer - same with full regexp
lua calculator - perform basic math operations on matched numbers (for example multiply font size by 1.5)
jump to the next line with a different actor/effect/layer/style/text than the current one
make text appear letter by letter using alpha (shift alpha FF tag line by line)
merge two lines with the same text but different tags to include all tags from both lines
add a given comment at the end of all selected lines
add a list of comments line by line
uncomment commented text (nuke { })
switch commented / visible text
reverse text character by character
reverse text word by word
reverse trasnforms (\bord3\t(\bord5) -> \bord5\t(\bord3); only initial tags, one transform per tag)
fake capitalisation of uppercase text using higher \fs for the first letter of each word
format dates to one of 4 patterns: "January 1", "January 1st", "1st of January", "1st January"
split into letters (one line per character; other characters are alpha'd out)
explode (split into letters + characters randomly move and fade away)
dissolve text (make text disappear in segments in various ways)
randomized transforms - different values for each line (includes randomized fade, duration, move)
clone clip (replicates an existing clip given amount of times in rows/columns)
transform kara tags (\k, \kf, \ko) into alpha transforms (FF->00)
motion blur
comment honorifics
convert framerate
stats: video name, script resolution, colorspace, styles used, # of dialogue lines, # of selected lines, selection duration
active line statistics: # in script, style, font, weight, fnot size, border, shadow, duration, characters, cps, default position

create a mask with a predefined shape (includes 2 alignment grids)
create a mask from clipped area
save/load custom masks
shift tags left or right by letters or words
recalculate fscx / fsxy for a given \fs (mocha scale)
make text appear letter by letter using alpha (shift alpha FF tag line by line)
alpha time line(s) (splits text by given markers, times evenly)
transform underline/strikeout tags into alpha tags, as well as @30@ -> \\alpha&H30& etc. (strikealpha)

Copyfax This
set \fax
calculate \fax from a clip, including different values on each end + gradient in between
copy initial block of tags from line 1 to others
copy text after initial block of tags from line 1 to others
copy clip, shifting it by a given value line by line
copy colours from line 1 to others
copy anything available from one line to others
copy tags from start tags to after linebreaks
split by linebreaks (keeps times)

Line Breaker
insert linebreak in a meaningful place
shift linebreak by 1 word (right or left)

Join / Split
join active line with the following one (tries to handle text / tags intelligently)
split a line at first linebreak / period / excl./quest. mark / comma, and adjust timing for each line

snap selected lines to keyframes / adjacent lines based on numbers in settings (TPP snapping for hotkeying)

move the last word on active line to the start of next line
move the first word on the next line to the end of active line

Reset Style
choose a style to set for \r tag

change \r[style] to tags with the [style]'s properties

Encode - Hardsub
encode a clip for mocha
hardsub a clip or whole video using one or two subtitle files

mux video and subs currently opened in Aegisub
mux additional subtitle file and/or chapters
create CRC for the filename of muxed file
create xdelta to patch the source video to the muxed one