unanimated's Aegisub scripts
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Scripts with GUI:
Script Cleanup v5.0 - removes or hides unwanted stuff from selected lines, fixes some things
Blur and Glow v2.5 - creates layers with blur and/or glow
HYDRA v6.0 - adds tags, does transforms, gradients, plus a bunch of special functions
Hyperdimensional Relocator v4.4 - anything you need to do with pos, move, org, clip, and more
Recalculator v4.0 - recalculates values of selected tags (multiply or add) and other things
Colourise v5.0 - does all kinds of things with colours
Selectricks v3.3 - selects and sorts lines based on a bunch of criteria
Multi-Line Editor v1.8 - allows you to edit multiple lines at once easily
MultiCopy v3.5 - copy various things from multiple lines to other multiple lines
FadeWorkS v4.0 - does fades including alpha or colour transforms and more
Significance v3.2 - does a shitload of things that didn't fit into other scripts
Activ8 / ModiFire v1.0 - edits complex active lines / modifies tags
ShiftCut v3.0 - does things with timing, including TPP functions, shifting, and more
Time Signs v2.8 - times signs from timecodes like {TS 5:36}
Change Case v3.0 - lowercase, uppercase, capitalise lines or words
Origami v1.0 - easily move \org that's off screen

Masquerade v3.0 - mask, shift tags, alignment, motion blur, merge tags, alpha shift, alpha time, strikealpha
NecrosCopy v4.1 - clip2fax, clip2frz, copy tags, text, colours & more, 3D shadow, split into letters, split by \N

Scripts without GUI:
Cycles v2.0 - adds tags & cycles through values for blur, bord, shad, alpha, an [hotkey for each]
iBus v1.7 - handles italics, bold, underline, and strikeout
Line Breaker v2.4 - inserts and shifts linebreaks
Join / Split / Snap v1.2 - joins lines / split lines / snaps to keyframes like TPP
Jump to Next v2.0 - jumps to the next 'sign'
Aladin's Lamp v1.1 - helps dealing with typesetting in Arabic

Encoding/muxing scripts:
Encode - Hardsub v1.2 - encodes and hardsubs, whole video or clip
Multiplexer v1.1 - muxes loaded script + video, chapters, creates CRC + xdelta

Runemap v1.0 - a map of moonrunes
Backup Checker v1.1 - lets you to make a backup of your script and compare new lines with the backup

Scripts with GUI - obsolete:
Modify Text v1.1 - [included in various other scripts]
Make Chapters v1.0 - [included in Significance]
Re-Split v1.1 - [included in Multi-Line Editor]
Convert Framerate v1.0 - [included in Significance]
Turn fade into transform v1.7 - [included in Apply fade]
Back and Forth Transform v1.0 - [improved version included in HYDRA]
Show text letter by letter v1.1 - [improved version included in Apply fade]
Song Styler v1.1 - [not needed, covered by HYDRA]
Add Mask v1.5 - [included in Masquerade]
Alpha Timer v1.1 - [included in Masquerade]
Alignment v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]
Add fax v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]
Bottom Alpha v1.1 - [included in 'Blur and Glow']
Add Animated Transform v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]
Teleporter v1.3 - [merged into Hyperdimensional Relocator]
Gradient Shifter v1.0 - [a rather useless variation of Teleporter]
Copy Coordinates v1.2 - [merged into Hyperdimensional Relocator]
Position Adjuster v1.2 - [merged into Hyperdimensional Relocator]
Multicolour v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]
Transform Alpha v1.2 - [covered by HYDRA and FadeWorkS]
Transform clip v1.3 - [merged into Hyperdimensional Relocator]
Add Scaling for Mocha v1.0 - [obsolete and useless]
Add glow / Raise layer v1.0 - [replaced by 'Blur and Glow']
XY BorderShadow v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]

Without GUI (These are included in the bigger ones, but if you want quick, one-hotkey solutions...)
Duplicate and Shift v1.0 - the old ctrl+D function [advanced version in Significance]
Time signs from timecodes v1.3 - [old version without GUI]
Multimove v1.1 - [included in Hyperdimensional Relocator]
Shadow 3D Effect v1.0 - [included in NecrosCopy and HYDRA]
Split by Linebreaks v1.5 - [included in NecrosCopy]
StrikeAlpha v1.1 - [included in Masquerade]
Copy Tags v1.0 - [included in NecrosCopy]
Match fscy to fscx v1.0 - [included in HYDRA]
Add \an8 v1.2 - [included in HYDRA and Masquerade]
Add \q2 v1.2 - [included in HYDRA and Masquerade]
Honorificslaughterhouse v??? - [included in Significance]

Mostly useless...
Reset Style v1.0 - use with \r to get a menu of styles to set
Reset-to-tags v1.0 - changes \r[style] to tags with the [style]'s properties
Rotated Shadow v1.0 - i don't even remember (probably just use 'create shadow from clip' in HYDRA)

Old Versions of scripts, if for whatever reason you need one.
If you happen to have any that I don't have anymore, link me.

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