Acchi Kocchi Typesetting Tests

This is a set of 4 tests, sorted by difficulty, all in one episode, because Acchi Kocchi is awesome like that.

The video you need for this is [Commie] Acchi Kocchi - 09 [9EB1B09A].mkv [click for DL links]

The script you need for this is here [make sure to save it as Unicode].

There are 4 difficulty levels.
You will only do one at a time, as even that will be enough for you [maybe more than enough].

Signs are only rough-timed to a few frames, just so you can find them.
So first of all you need to fine-time all of them [well, all for the level you're doing] with utmost precision.

Levels 1 and 2 have about 60 signs each [the whole script has about 160]. That's quite a lot but level 1 is a selection of the easiest ones so it's not that bad. 60 of the easiest ones would normally take less time than 2 or 3 of the most difficult ones.
Since we wanna do this right, I suggest you take your time finding and picking the fonts. I used about 30 fonts for all of Acchi Kocchi so I suppose you shouldn't need more than 20 for these tests, probably less. But keep in mind that if you pick shitty fonts, no amount of tags is gonna make it look good.

It is also highly recommended to use Aegisub 3.0, as it makes things a lot easier than 2.1.9 and on 60 signs the difference will show. Another thing that will make things easier is some of these scripts.


Difficulty: Low
Basic beginner test.
Mostly static signs, a few with simple movement.
Aside from matching fonts you should have correct colors, right amount of blur, corect size of borders and shadows etc. These signs are easy so they should look really great.


Difficulty: Medium
Advanced test.
Movements, some perspective, masking, a bit of frame-by-framing, a few transforms.
If you're taking this test, you should be ready for it, so this is still expected to look really good. A few of these may be a pain in the ass but in general this is pretty average typesetting [aside from the fact that you normally don't have 60 of such signs in one episode].


Difficulty: High
A bit over 20 signs here but a beginner would either shit himself and quit or go full \an8.
You have to be a "good typesetter" to do these well. If you pass level 2 decently, you can certainly start typesetting for releases, but it will take some time and experience to get to level 3, and it requires motion tracking, preferably with mocha, because you'd have to actually be level 4 to do this shit by hand.


Difficulty: Nightmare
This is where one sign may take an hour to finish, and that's obviously when you're a level 3 pro.
Pointless to count the lines, because you'll end up with hundreds or even thousands anyway.
You'll need mocha with scaling, and then doing a lot of stuff by hand, because mocha will shit itself when faced with the top of level 4. I seriously don't expect anyone to pass this, especially the first Mayoi flag [which will give you nightmares, which is why this level has a Nightmare difficulty].


Difficulty: Hell
Typeset all 4 levels in one day!
Unfortunately even I haven't passed this. I spent about 4 hours on it on day one, and finished it the next day in 12 hours straight. I'd say 16 hours is pretty good though. I can live with that. At least I made it under 24 hours of clean time. That's almost a pass!
[Let's make a little joke here - it's been 3 weeks from airing now and Tsumiki with their 5 typesetters for this one show hasn't released yet. Their last post said "Hopefully, it will be released this week." That was 11 days ago. Ahahahaha.]

Welcome to the world of typesetting.