Typesetting in Aegisub
• Introduction
About this guide and typesetting in general

• Creating Styles
Styles Manager / Styles Editor

• Typesetting Basics
\an \pos \fs \bord \shad \fscx \fscy \fsp \blur \be \fad \c + timing

• Aligning Signs
\frx \fry \frz \org \fax \fay

• Positioning Signs
Yeah, what it says ^

• Moving Signs
\move and stuff

• Layers
How to create & use multiple layers

• Advanced Typesetting
\clip \t & drawing/masking

• Creating Gradients
Some laggy magic and stuff.

• Motion Tracking with Mocha
Tracking position, scaling and rotation with mocha

• Fonts
What to use when etc.

• Blending In
How to make signs look like they belong there

• Using ASSDraw
How to get this tricky thing called ASSDraw to work right

• Examples
Examples of doing it wrong and right

• Typesetting Faster
How to increase your speed with TS-heavy scripts

• Scripts
Some useful scripts for Aegisub

• Writing Automation Scripts
How to write your own automation scripts in lua - by lyger

• More Lua Scripting
Additional tips for writing automation scripts

• Video Tutorials
A few videos with real-time typesetting

• More Stuff about Typesetting
7 years later - where we are and is it any good